At Total Real Estate, we pride ourselves on exclusively representing real estate buyers.  In fact, we have a responsibility to ensure that the best interests of our buyer clients are being met and they are protected during the entire transaction.  Many consumers do not realize the vast majority of real estate companies’ work with both buyers and sellers, and this represents a potential conflict of interest.
The advantages of working with Total Real Estate, an Exclusive Buyer's Agency, is that we manage every step of the home buying process -- from planning, locating and evaluating property, negotiating price and terms, arranging financing, scheduling inspections and more. 

Today's educated home buyers understand they have a right to full and equal representation, service and protection; just as a seller receives from their listing agent or broker.  These savvy buyers are demanding the level of service that only an Exclusive Buyer's Agent can legally provide.  

Whether you are a first time home buyer, an old pro, a relocation buyer or you simply want to take the hassle out of buying a house, insist on receiving undivided loyalty and representation that protects your best interests!  

Call Total Real Estate today and talk to an Exclusive Buyer's Agent.